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Can You Repipe A Pressurized Water Line?

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Pressurized water pipes are mainly responsible for delivering water from the municipal system to your home. This includes bath, kitchen, laundry, garden or any outside irrigation.

You may think having low water pressure at times is perfectly normal. Same thing when hot water suddenly gushes out when you’re taking a shower and someone flushes a toilet. These signs mean you could be having problems with your pressurized water line. Rust-colored, yellowish or speckled water is definitely unfit for drinking, and It’s high time to consider a repipe of your plumbing system.

Repiping Pressurized Water Pipes

Pipes made from galvanized steel are prone to weakening or becoming so thin that the water produces a “weeping” effect. This normally shows in the fittings, the valves and the joints that connect one pipe to another.

Contractors may have used copper piping on old homes that were constructed years ago. Unscrupulous technicians may have used sub-par plumbing material that becomes a source of great headache years down the road. Your water’s unique chemical composition may also shorten your pipe’s lifespan, and this depends wholly on how the ones in charge handle your area’s water solution.

The pressurized aspect makes the pipe more susceptible to leaking and corrosion. The leaks start out small, but over time it could cause great damage to your property and to the environment. Not to mention your water bill will soar through the roof! Frozen pipes can lead to bursting and present a whole new problem.

Repiping Using Trenchless Technology

Repiping is certainly possible, and will prove to be best if you use the right trenchless technologies. The no-dig solution is the ideal way to fix up pressurized water pipes for the following reasons:

  • The pipes are normally found deep underground, inside crawl spaces, attics and ceilings.
  • The pipes are made from different materials such as copper, polyethylene, iron, PVC, etc.

The first thing our professional technicians do is a pipe inspection. You get 100% accuracy upon knowing where the problem is located, the type of pipe you have and the state of your water line.

Benefits Of Choosing Trenchless Technology

Right-Sized Water Lines. A pipe can only hold so much quantity of pressurized water in any given time. Pipe bursting can upgrade the diameter of your current pipes to hold much more.

Better Water Flow. Water pressure is reduced over time because the rust and the calcified deposits stick to the inside of your water lines. The new piping material is frictionless and resists the buildup of calcified matter, which gives you better flow.

Less Carbon Footprint. Trenchless procedures are rated low emission, no-risk and green because they cause little noise and less damage to the earth. The new pipe material itself is 100 percent eco-friendly.

Long-Term Solution. You won’t have to worry about repairs or replacements as the new pipes are expected to last 50 years or more!

Repipe Water Lines

Call Thistle Plumbing to initiate a pipe inspection to find the exact source of the problem and replace your pressurized water line when necessary. Repiping is the best fit as it has proven to be the most efficient, the most economical and the greenest solution available as of today.

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