Why You Should Invest in Drain Cleaning

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I’m willing to bet you take your car to get routine maintenance and put considerable effort into maintaining the cleanliness of your home. It’s common sense, right? So let me ask you this; have you invested in having your drains cleaned yet?

If the answer is no, there’s no shame to be had here. Drain cleaning is something most people don’t worry about until it’s become a bigger, harder to handle problem. But why wait until you’re dealing with costly plumbing repairs? Surely you don’t wait until your car doesn’t work correctly to have it serviced.

There are many reasons why you should invest in drain cleaning. Some you may be able to anticipate, others may take you by surprise. Either way, it’s important to be proactive. Don’t wait for problems to occur, prevent them entirely.

Sewage Backup

One of the most disgusting effects of drains going uncleaned is the potential for sewage backup. It’s not just disgusting though, it poses a direct threat to your health. Sewage backup often causes flooding. Flooding brings with it the potential for mold as well as sewer critters making their way into your home. Suddenly a drain problem becomes an entire home problem.

Inefficient Drains

While maybe not as scary as a full-blown sewer backup, uncleaned drains are not efficient drains. There is a lot of stuff that goes through those drains: soap, oil, hair, food waste, and more. Over time these things build up. When that happens, your drains do not drain waste and liquid as efficiently as possible. Sometimes this looks like sinks that collect water quicker than they drain it. Other times it comes in the form of slow flushing toilets.

Store Bought Drain Cleaner

I know what you’re thinking: the last time you had a sluggish drain you went to the store and bought something to pour down your drains. If it was bad for your drainage system, they wouldn’t sell it in stores, right? Unfortunately, store bought drain cleaners can cause corrosion of your pipes. The convenient option is not always the best option. Relying on store bought cleaners only helps you replace one problem with the potential for another.

Invest in Drain Cleaning

When you invest in drain cleaning, you invest in your home. By allowing professionals to come in and clean your drains, you’re not just reducing your risk for slow drains and sewer backup, you’re saving money on store bought products that can lead to bigger issues. Every drain in your home is important. Kitchen drains can become coated with soap residue and grease. Drains connected to your washer can become clogged by dirt, clothing, fragments, and laundry soap residue. Bathroom drains are no stranger to hair and human-waste that poses health risks if not disposed of properly.

Every drain in your home matters and adds to the overall health of your drainage system. Don’t fall victim to quick fixes that pose bigger risks to the health of your drains and avoid being duped by the 5 Big Myths About Drain Cleaning Services. Do what’s best for your home and invest in drain cleaning before you encounter bigger, more expensive home maintenance problems.