Homeowners can typically do many plumbing related tasks safely and with relative ease, such as routine maintenance and drain cleaning. When it comes to repair and replacement of drain lines or sewer pipes, however, these are projects that are best left to the professionals. Pasadena, CA sewer repair can help make sure that these tasks are completed correctly, safely, and efficiently.

What causes a need for sewer repair?

There are quite a few different possible scenarios that may necessitate a call to the professionals for Pasadena, CA sewer repair. Frozen ground and the settling or shifting of soil can often cause damage to pipes through cracks or breaks, collapsed lines, or even an offsetting of the pipeline. A foreign object or the buildup of grease in the line can create an obstruction that may require a professional’s servicing in order to clean the pipe and restore proper flow.

Furthermore, older pipes can corrode over time, and then eventually break or collapse. Sometimes the seals that are between connected sections of pipe break, and then this can allow for water or sewage to leak through the joints. Roots can also get into pipelines, and an overabundance of such may require clearing through the use of specific plumbing equipment.

If there is a suspicion that one or more of these situations has occurred, it is a good idea to see if a repair or replacement procedure is necessary for the sewer line. A professional technician can come to the site and evaluate the current condition. Using trained skills and a specially designed waterproof camera to inspect the pipes, the technician will be able to determine what the problem may be and what the best method to resolve the issue will be.

There are options for Pasadena, CA sewer repair

Once the pipeline has been inspected and it has been established that a repair is necessary, it is then time to determine which method of repair will be the most efficient. Traditionally, a lot of sewer line repairs and replacements are carried out through what is called the “open cut” method, which involve the use of a backhoe to excavate the ground over the line that is to be serviced. When the procedure for the repairs or replacements has been completed, the backhoe is then used again to refill the excavation area.

Trenchless repair methods are those that do not require the heavy machinery of a backhoe, and instead utilize specialized equipment designed specifically for a no-dig approach. Using trenchless technology is often considered the superior repair process in terms of cost and time efficiency, as well as in regards to possible damage that may occur to the landscaping or established structures of the work site.