Lines that are damaged or corroded can end up causing a real headache for property owners if their faults are not addressed and repaired quickly enough. Among a variety of reasons for a sewer pipe to need repair, aging lines that have corroded can wear down and begin leaking. Roots can get inside tiny openings of sewer lines, and then grow until they cause even further damage. These problems and more are when San Marino, CA trenchless sewer pipe lining can be the best option for repair.

Trenchless sewer pipe repair is a method that does not need the expensive and heavy construction of digging a large trench in the property in order to gain access to the sewer line in need of repair. Instead, small access points are made on either end of the damaged pipe. This results in the project’s completion time being much shorter. It also is generally more cost effective to use a trenchless method for sewer repair.

What if sewer pipes remain damaged?

It is most advisable to take care of broken sewer pipes as quickly as possible. Inspections should be made regularly, and professional services for San Marino, CA trenchless sewer pipe lining should be contacted as soon as any issues arise.

Sewer lines especially can have many negative effects, as backups in the line can cause an overflow of sewage. This would not be something anyone would want to have spewing onto the property or into the street, and this situation can have even more adverse effects if the sewage gets into any waterways.

Leaking lines can lead to mold and other health risks related to the overgrowth of bacteria. It is very important for any pipes that have not been thoroughly inspected or serviced in the last several decades to be checked out by professional plumbing services. Doing so can avoid some serious situations, and will save on time and money in the long run as well.

San Marino, CA trenchless sewer pipe lining

The benefits of choosing a trenchless repair method are many. Aside from saving time and money during the process of sewer pipe lining, the materials that make up the pipe’s liner will be guaranteed effective for over 50 years. This means that the possibilities of future corrosion of the pipeline, or of further root intrusion from the pipe’s underground plant neighbors, will be minimal. The pipe lining is built to withstand these damaging situations.

The process is sometimes called CIPP, which stands for Cured-in-Place-Pipe. This technology involves installing a liner within the existing and damaged pipe, without needing to excavate. The liner is made of epoxy resins. This epoxy reinforced the structural integrity of the whole liner once the installation is complete and the liner has cured.

When it is a viable option for repair, the San Marino, CA trenchless sewer pipe lining method is one that is often preferred. It is a quick and simple process, saving time and money.