What is an Epoxy Pipe Lining?

An epoxy pipe lining is used as a rehabilitative tool for many types of pipes. An epoxy lining prevents leaks and others types of damage from occurring and can restore a pipe or other surface to functioning order with a seamless, jointless “pipe within a pipe”.

For example, an epoxy pipe lining can be installed on water pipes to prevent leaks and prevent substances from entering drinking water. Or, more commonly, epoxy pipe linings are used to restore deteriorated sewer lines, water lines, and other types of pipes to working order. An epoxy pipe lining is often seen as the strongest type of pipe lining and is commonly used in a wide range of pipe restoration applications.

What does epoxy pipe lining do?

An epoxy pipe lining is used as a coating for a pipe. This type of coating is used to restore a pipe to working condition and creating a seamless interior and a lining. This lining prevents water leaks from occurring and ensures that a deteriorated pipe can remain functional without having to completely remove it and replace it.

Epoxy linings are commonly used in a wide range of different pipe restoration projects. Water pipes can corrode or may otherwise be made from materials that can leach chemicals into drinking water. In this case, an epoxy lining can prevent these chemicals from entering the water system. This can be extremely important in many municipal areas.

Epoxy linings are also commonly installed on sewer mains and other underground pipes. They can be installed without requiring a trench to be dug, and these trenchless methods are preferable in many cases, such as when there are obstructions above the ground and anything else that may make it difficult to dig a trench.

The benefits of using epoxy pipe lining:

Epoxy pipe lining are relatively easy to fix if there are problems, but in many cases they are designed to last for up to 40 to 50 years or longer. Many of them are warrantied for several years, and they can be used to restore many types of pipes at a much lower cost than what it would take to completely replace them.

Epoxy pipe linings are commonly used by trenchless plumbing contractors, and they are an effective way to repair a sewer line without having to deal with trenching and the hassles associated with it. They are strong, they create a seamless “pipe within a pipe” and they have become a preferred sewer or pipe repair method.

It’s highly recommended to work with a company that has experience with epoxy pipe repairs when requesting one for any reason, and by working with a professional contractor, it can be assured that the epoxy pipe lining will be properly installed in an efficient manner.