Getting Professional Pipe Root Removal

Tree roots and other various roots can enter a pipe and start to build up over time. Tree roots can eventually partially or completely block a sewer line or other pipe, and in this case professional pipe root removal is necessary.

How do roots affect a pipe?

Many pipes are constructed out of strong materials, however if there is a small crevice within a pipe, roots can start to intrude and grow. Even in the smallest of cracks, roots can start to invade, and once they start growing there is no easy way to get rid of them if the problem is not caught early on.

Roots extend to sewer lines because they are filled with moisture and nutrients. This is why they are able to grow instead of pipes and they can quickly bunch up and cause a wide range of different problems.

Removing roots can be time consuming, but there are several options available for pipe root removal, and all of the available options can allow a sewer line or other pipe system to get back up and running within a relatively short period of time.

Mechanical augers are often used to remove tree roots

One of the most common methods that are used to remove tree roots from a pipe system are mechanical augers. These are a powered sewer auger which is sent down the drain and that has a rotating spiral head. The head has teeth on it like a reciprocating saw and it then cuts through the roots.

However with this method many of the roots remain in the sewer line and it doesn’t completely solve the problem. The roots will grow back, and the problem won’t be solved unless the sewer line is repaired of its cracks and crevices. This can be performed by installing a pipe liner but that is a separate project that homeowners or business owners will have to opt for. Pipe root removal may only consist of using a mechanical auger to clear out the roots, and from there it is up to the homeowner if they want to take it a step further and repair their sewer line.

Root removal may only be temporary

Because of the fact that root removal doesn’t solve the original cause of the problem, it may only be temporary until roots regrow in the pipe. Once again, the cracks and crevices in the sewer line have to be repaired, and until then roots will continue to seek out the moisture and nutrients in the sewer line and grow fairly quickly. A long term solution is to install an epoxy pipe liner which will prevent roots from growing inside, is just as strong as a new pipe, and an excellent way to keep a sewer line functioning for many years.