What is a Roof Drain Lining?

As the owner of a residential or commercial property, you are going to experience issues with your drains, pipes, and sewer lines occasionally. This is certainly true with older systems that haven’t been repaired or replaced in years. A roof drain lining takes care of your drains, pipes, and sewer lines by strengthening them. The process increases the longevity of the pipe and prevents disruptive digging, excavating, and tearing out of walls and floors in your home or business to get the job done right.

What an experienced professional does is create an entry point to access failing lines and then rehabilitates existing pipes with an epoxy resin liner. Once the soft substance hardens, it seals pipes. The roof drain lining takes care of existing problems with cracks, leaks, bubbles, blisters, and extended tears. The elements are no concern to your sewer lines because you’ve essentially strengthen the older pipe significantly.

Benefits of Roof Drain Lining

The benefits of a roof drain lining are tremendous in number. For example, it is often used to seal holes and cracks, fill missing pipes, and smooth out big off-sets. There is no better way to restore vertical drains to like new condition. That’s because you don’t need to replace pipes when epoxy resin is used to create the liner.

Other benefits of a roof drain lining include:

Can seal bottomless cast iron.

Gives storm drain lines a tight seal.

Still allows wastewater to pass through despite the hardened epoxy resin liner.

An affordable option that takes little time to complete.

No messy clean-up to wait for.

Available for vertical wet and dry stacks in multi-family housing such as condominiums and apartment buildings.

Experienced, professional service.

Increasing the longevity and effectiveness of your current vertical drains is the purpose behind a roof drain lining. It’s a solution that benefits homeowners and business owners alike by using existing drains, pipes, and sewer lines. Rather than dig out or dig up and remove cracked, leaky, bubbly, blistery, and torn pipes, the roof drain lining works quickly to seal problematic areas which prevents further costly repairs and interruptions. You won’t have to deal with noisy equipment disrupting the peace and quiet of your day when you choose to have this service done instead of a replacement of all problematic pipes.

Professional Roof Drain Lining Services

Having a professional roof drain lining service take care of your pipe issues saves time and money. It prevents offensive odors from building up and causing your family, employees or customers from breathing in noxious fumes. Roof drain lining services keeps sewer backups and blockages from occurring as well as mold from taking over a home or business.

If you notice foundation cracks, slow drains, indentions in your lawn or extra green areas of grass, it could be due to a cracked, leaky or bubbling pipe. That’s when roof drain lining is no longer an option but a necessity. Having a professional seal the pipes for you allows wastewater to exit from pipes without trouble. It keeps you from having clogged toilets and smelly sewage stinking up your day.