What is Sectional Point Repair?

If you’re unware of what sectional point repair is, you’re not alone. Many people don’t understand the process which is why it’s important to explain it. A sectional point repair is done when a municipal sewer line has a problematic area that needs attention. Rather than cure entire segments of the line, a repair professional finds the damaged section and repairs it. This trenchless process is known as a sectional point repair.

Problems Solved by This Type of Repair

There are a number of problems solved by this type of repair. One of the most apparent is isolated puncturing or sewer line cracking. Other issues solved by sectional point repair include bellying, sewer line joint failure, and pipe incongruity or disconnection. Once professional inspect the pipe through video, they’re able to see where the problem stems from. This makes it easy to fix that section rather than repair segments which costs time and money.

Benefits of Sectional Point Repair

The benefits of sectional point repair are notable. Not only does the solution prevent costly and unnecessary repairs, it can be completely quickly and as soon as one day. It offers strength, durability, and dependability for years saving you money on sewer line repairs. You don’t have to worry about sewer problems fouling things up for the city for long.

When the repair is done, it’s permanent and waterproof which keeps wastewater from infiltrating and exfiltrating pipes. The repair is even stronger than the original pipe because the resin used is firm and leaves no annular space between the repair and pipe. Leakage isn’t a concern and the repair works well in both cold and warm climates.

There is no digging, smaller crews to deal with, and fewer costs involved with this type of repair. It’s done quickly without anyone really noticing what’s going on. Sectional point repairs are a common practice nowadays. Cities no longer want to foot the bill for costly repairs associated with segmental sewer line repairs.

Get the Job Done Quickly and Easily

Sectional point repairs are done in half the time it takes to dig out and repair sewer lines using conventional methods. More importantly, roadways aren’t blocked for hours while the repair is being done, either. You’ll have less congestion on the roadways and happier motorists when you chose to have professionals repair sections not segments of sewer lines.

Save Time, Money, and Energy

Sectional point repair is by far the most cost-effective solution for municipalities with isolated sewer line problems. Why reinvent the wheel when all you have to do is fix what’s wrong with it? Rather than waste time, energy, and money removing perfectly good segments of pipe to get to the problem spots, repair the section that needs attention most and call it a day.

Having a professional take care of sections of pipe that need fixing makes sense. Instead of letting a problem worsen, having a sectional point repair done right away prevents costly and unnecessary repairs in the future. It’s a sound process that is economical and easy to take care of.