Why Trenchless Sewer Lining is the best option

For those who are in need of a sewer repair, there are more options available than ever before. Most people choose to go with a trenchless sewer lining as opposed to other options that require trenching. Projects that require trenching can cause a significant amount of destruction to a landscape and take a much longer amount of time.

What makes trenchless sewer lining a good option?

Trenchless sewer linings prevent leaks and protect a pipe from damage, and they are installed to fix sewer lines that may have cracks or otherwise have started to break down. A trenchless sewer lining can be installed with just one or two small access holes, and it does not require a large construction site. This can save a substantial amount of time and ensure that a sewer restoration project is completed very quickly.

Landscapes are protected

Sewer linings can be installed without having to move landscape features or otherwise destroy a landscape. This saves a homeowner or business owner a lot of trouble to avoid the need to restore a landscape after the project is completed. This is why trenchless sewer linings have become a preferred method of sewer repair compared to other methods. Most homeowners and business owners will opt for a trenchless sewer line repair when it is available, because of the time that it can save and because of the fact that they won’t have to deal with repairing a trench or dealing with ground disruption that can affect their day to day business.

Sewer linings don’t take long to install

A trenchless sewer lining also doesn’t take very long to install, which is another one of its main benefits. Most homeowners don’t have the time to wait several days for their sewer system to get back up and running. Although a trenchless sewer lining might be a more expensive option than some of the other repair options in some cases, the benefits of a faster speed are often worth it for many homeowners, and trenchless linings can often be installed within one day or a few days at maximum.

Trenchless sewer linings are long lasting

Trenchless sewer linings are typically composed of an epoxy liner that is designed to last for several decades with proper care and proper maintenance of a sewer system. The epoxy liner creates a seamless, strong and jointless “pipe within a pipe” which works very effectively and basically acts as a new pipe. Trenchless sewer linings are just as good as installing a new pipe and they avoid the hassle of having to dig out and replace a current sewer line entirely or having to dig a trench, and that’s why this repair method has become one of the most commonly requested options when there is a sewer or pipe repair.