Trenchless Sewer Relining

What Is the Trenchless Sewer Relining Process in Glendora, CA?

In Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair by Brian

Back when trenchless sewer lining had not come to the market, you had to sacrifice everything above your sewer line to have the system laid. The sad fact is that even though this technology has been around for about ten to fifteen years now, many people are still not aware that this can be a feasible alternative.

People are often faced by an urgent need for a repair, they do not even do enough research, neither think of this as an option altogether. And just when you have to put your lawn and landscaping on the line to have your sewer piping in place, you need to consider going the trenchless way, as this can save you a lot of cost, time and offer you convenience as well.

The name says it all; this method of sewer relining allows workers to refine your sewer system without necessarily having to dig a trench across the yard. Although it has to include digging at some places, chances of sparing your lawn are high, as the digging could be done only in some specific locations. With the high cost of landscaping, you have every reason to go for an option that you can use to avoid incurring such unwanted expense, and trenchless sewer lining is one of them. Here is a systematic process to follow with this relining.


The first step, even before starting working on your relining, is conducting an inspection of the existing line with a camera that is tailored to navigate sewer lines. The specialty camera is usually a flexible and long one that you can snake through the pipe. This camera helps your plumber get an idea of the length of the line, and assess the level of damage.

Removal of debris

Once the inspection of the entire line is over, the pipe is now accessed from a shallow point, mostly in the basement or around the compound. Cleaning of the pipe is done by a hydraulic jetter followed by clearance of the remaining debris with a mechanical pumping snake.

Placing new lining

After removal of the remaining debris and ensuring the pipe is sound clean now, the following step is inserting a new pipe lining, usually known as the cured in place pipe (CIPP). The CIPP is made of resin and is meant to harden, replacing your former, worn out the sewer line. This reduces digging significantly, as the only access point to the sewer lining is the one to be dug, and it is only a part of the system.


The new sewer pipe is given time to cure, before performing an inspection with a sewer camera again to ascertain that everything is in position. If everything is complete and perfect, then your new sewer lining system is ready for use. It can be reconnected to your home and start functioning. The good part about the trenchless sewer relining is that it does not need much time to complete, as it can be done within one day.

This makes it an ideal replacement option for sewage lines. It is not an arduous task to cringe about or one that will leave your lawn, driveway or landscape torn apart. This is all thanks to the minimal digging involved, and it only gets better in some homes, as there is no digging at all in some cases. Besides, the process is not only quick, straightforward and reliable but also offers a sturdy and durable sewer line that will keep your drainage running for years to come.

If you are looking into refining your sewer system in Glendora, CA, go for this easy and fast way of fixing things up on your sewer line, keep your landscape in its original shape and appearance, and get a new, clean, and solid sewer line that will service you for many more years. You can always call a professional plumber to get the job done, but the cost of bringing on board a specialist to have this done is almost equal to nothing when compared to the advantages that come with this process of sewer relining. Go forth and replace your sewer system with a touch of the modern style. It only costs a dime to get the best results, and the trenchless sewer relining is worthy of such consideration.